Ideas shape products

Our work begins with your visionary product idea. In this development stage, our experts dedicate themselves to planning the process and concept. We turn ideas into reality.

IPMA engineering analysis

Range of services

Our range of services encompasses the skin and visible parts, structural parts for BIW, platform, chassis and axles, transfer (mechanically or manual) and progressive, cold forming, sheet metal of any thickness (from soft to high strength) and aluminum.

Feasibility Analysis

To begin with, we develop rough methods and manufacturing concepts. We assess producibility and, if necessary, develop any necessary changes to the component. The next step is to concentrate on identifying the material utilization, blank development and nesting, press study, production time optimization, the representation of investing costs and change management.

Drawing systems

We develop drawing systems and variations, and we optimize and develop the blank accordingly, as well as nest them for you. That is how we achieve optimum material usage.

Method planning

Method planning encompasses designing CAD method plans (2D and 3D) as well strip layouts for progressive dies. We also perform CAD iteration and installation space examinations, as well as cutting analyses.

Forming simulation

This is where we analyze all forming operations include the springback of your part design. We also make improvements to the series process in order to save even more material and optimize the cycle time.

IPMA engineering testing


We supervise the design process. This includes detailed design reviews according to customer guidelines and implementing change management.


We use CATIA V5 and AutoForm for the design and manufacturing process. Both of these programs are among the preferred software solutions in the automotive industry, and are used by numerous automobile- & material manufacturers and suppliers.


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