Analyzing and correcting errors

We generate measurement reports to analyze tools or components, to work out measures to eliminate faults and to correct them if necessary.

Measuring machine

Tactile measurement is currently considered the most accurate measuring method. With our Zeiss/Stiefelmayer measuring machine we can carry out precise single measurements as well as small series measurements according to the requirements of our customers.


With the Mitutoyo U-Wave system, measurement data can be read in and evaluated immediately with various handheld devices. In this way, small series measurements can be carried out quickly.

Flexible modular system

With our flexible modular system, different recording situations can be represented according to given requirements. We are also happy to use fixtures provided by the customer.

Comparison against 3D Data

By means of the measuring software Quartis R2018-2 a target/actual comparison between the physical component and the theoretical 3D data can be made effortlessly. By converting the data, we support all common 3D file formats.

Measuring without data

Even the most important features of components whose 3D data are not available can be measured and evaluated by us.

Measurement reports

For visualization and evaluation of the measurement data, we create customer-specific measurement reports. Depending on the customer's requirements, dimensional, shape, position or tolerance data/deviations can be displayed here.

Data export

In addition to statistical evaluations for checking machine/process capability or for Q-DAS, metrological data such as measuring programs, coordinate systems, etc. can also be exported.

Component analysis

Based on the collected data and the experience of our experts in the field of forming technology and tool making, qualitative defects on the part can be analyzed quickly. The defects can be remedied in the short term by our part rework.


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