Project Management

Controlling. Monitoring. Documenting.

IPMA project management has a modular structure – whether you’re an OEM, Tier 1, or 2nd range supplier. The benefit is that we can help you exactly where you need it.

IPMA project management consulting

Forward Sourcing

If the process of requesting offers is precise and targeted, you’ll save time and money right at the outset of the procurement process. Rely on us and our knowledge of the market. We provide you with suggestions about and assessments of suppliers. We audit potential suppliers, draw up your specification book, and gather together the tender documents.


We help you by evaluating and analyzing offers, drawing up a list of proposals, evaluating risks, and identifying project costs.

Management and Coordination

Once the order is placed, we undertake the technical management and coordination of suppliers. Our customers receive support and advice in the engineering phase, design, initial manufacturing and working in or production, including change management and cost calculation.

Scheduling and planning resources

Our service includes drawing up schedules in MS Project or R-Plan, planning the resources needed and assessing deadlines accordingly, evaluating supplier specifications (plausibility assessment), and drawing up a critical schedule if necessary.

IPMA consulting and project planning

Follow-up With Supplier

On the supplier side, we check for you the current status and milestones, as well as quality standards, using production monitoring. We also check and approve operating equipment.


Quality Assessment

In this stage, we perform partial approvals, CMM report analyses, and checks on function and installation We also provide you with action reports and proofs of series production readiness.

Change Management

Our change management encompasses feasibility studies, amendment comparisons, simulation assessments, and change assessments. We assess change offers and component documentation.


We can draw up overview diagrams (such as parts availability, deadline analyses, cost tracking, quality reporting, dimensional accuracy, and production statuses), life cycle, CMM report analyses, change assessment and documentation, status reports, maturity reports, and a final project review.


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