Part Reworking

Final Touches

Our experts specialize in precise reworking and achieving a clean finish on aluminum and steel components. No more post-processing is required in the manufacturing process.

Specialists for car body construction in a 1500 square metre reworking centre.

Bodywork Construction

A well-oiled team of logistics experts, technicians, and specialist solve tasks in a fast, flexible way – either in our post-processing centrum, with 1,500 square meters of manufacturing space and flexible warehousing options, or on your premises. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, we do the job of every kind of post-processing for you.


IPMA’s services range from removing dents, bumps, and spots to performing changes to making amendments of series parts, assembly of components and complete body shells. The reworking of welded and soldered seams, as well as the welding of body shell components made of aluminum or steel, round out our range of services.

Prototype Processing

By means of section bucks or company-constructed equipment, we amend forms and adapt cut parts and shapes.

Quality Activities

Within the scope of quality control, we perform detailed sorting tasks and assessments of the supplied parts. If required, we can rework, package, and deliver the parts.

Part post-processing

Measuring Technology

Using tactile measuring methods such as the U-Wave system from Mitutoyo or our 3D measuring machine from Stiefelmayer/ Zeiss, we can perform measurements on your components. Thus we can support you in the quality assurance of small series production, prototypes or new products. With the help of our measuring software Quartis R2018-2 the measuring results can be created according to your wishes and focus.


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Part Reworking
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