IPMA services

We constructively supports the entire development process in the field of forming sheet metal parts in the automobile sector, and also in other branches of industry.

Whether this involves a graduated transfer or progressive die, structural or visible parts, thin or thick sheet metal, the IPMA know-how is used throughout the world.
The aim is always to design and secure in principle a producible component geometry – from the aspects of costs, quality and process security.


Feasibility analysis

  • Development of basic methods
  • Preparation of manufacturing concepts
  • Checking the producibility
  • Development of component changes for producibility
  • Materials implementation and sequencing the blanks
  • Press testing
  • Production time optimisation (e.g. multiple manufacture, part in part manufacture
  • Illustration of investment costs
  • Change management
Preparation of manufacturing concepts
Production time optimisation (e.g. multiple manufacture, multiply manufacture
Checking the producibility

Draw design

  • Draw design development and variants
  • Blank optimisation or processing
  • Sequencing the blanks
  • Optimum materials implementation
Sequencing the blanks
Draw design development and variants

Method planning

  • Creation of CAD – method plans (2D and 3D)
  • Creation of the strip layout for progressive die
  • CAD – flow examinations
  • Installation space examinations
  • Cut analysis
Cut analysis
Erstellung des Streifenlayouts für Folgeverbund

Forming simulation

  • Examination of all forming processes
  • Spring-back analysis
  • Batch optimisation (materials saving)
Spring-back analysis
Untersuchung aller formgebenden Prozesse


  • Support of the die design
  • Checking tooling design in line with customer guidelines
  • Change management
Checking tooling design in line with customer guidelines

Service range

  • External and visible parts
  • Structural parts for the bodywork, platform and also chassis and axles
  • Transfer (mechanical or by hand) and progressive die
  • Cold forming
  • Sheet metal from softest to the hardest of all sheet thicknesses
  • Aluminum
External and visible parts
Strukturteile für Karosserie, Plattform, sowie Fahrwerk und Achsen


  • Autoform
  • Catia V5
PDF Download Leistungen Engineering

All information on the IPMA service area Engineering is available here as a PDF download: Engineering.pdf

  1. Volkswagen AG (Wolfsburg)

    Feasibility analysis, concept methods, forming simulations, 3D-draw design, method plans, flow examinations and process optimisation for various projectsVolkswagen de México S.A. de C.V.

  2. Volkswagen de México S.A. de C.V.

    Bettle NF Coupe & Cabrio

    Feasibility analysis, concept methods as well as checking the die design for approx. 150 components in the projects Beetle NF Coupe & Cabrio

  3. Adam Opel AG (Rüsselsheim)

    Producibility examinations for various components and projects under the 4 tooling operations premise

  4. SKODA AUTO a.s.

    Feasibility analysis, concept methods and forming simulations for various projects

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