Rework parts

IPMA services

Our experts possess highly qualified know-how in the field of reworking and the surface finish of aluminium and steel components.

Due to many years of experience external surfaces are optimised to a paintable quality. Consequently no further treatment is necessary. In addition to this, specially created dent repair and planing tooling quickly and efficiently removes dents, bumps and surface defects.


Bodywork construction

  • Surface finish to completed bodywork to achieve the prescribed audit grade
  • Reworking of welded and tab seams
  • Assembly of components
  • Removal of dents, bumps and pitting


  • Removal of excess castings
  • Removal of burrs
  • Post-processing or adjustment of cuts
  • Constructive changes to batch parts through to implementation of the amended tooling

Prototype processing

  • Post-processing of welded seams and sheathing
  • Mould processing and mould changes using knocking models
  • Adaptation of cuts and moulds

Sorting tasks

  • Supporting or performing quality measures and sorting tasks

Measurement technology

  • Measuring or ruling on components for quality assurance

Parts logistics

  • Supporting or performing packaging tasks and internal company transport


Adam Opel AG, Allgaier Werke GmbH, BMW AG, Daimler AG, Dr. Ing. h. c. F. Porsche AG, EBZ Engineering Bausch & Ziege GmbH, GM General Motors Company, Läpple AG, Voestalpine Polynorm GmbH & Co. KG

  1. Sills

    Introducing graduated changes using knocking models and finishing the parts to the status of being in order

  2. Steel wing

    Start-up security, hole adjustments, surface finish, finish of tracking edges, emissions, pitting and projections

  3. Door frame

    Quality checking, checking flaws and welding

  4. Panels

    Reworking of sink marks, pitting and surface finish

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