IPMA services

Qualified toolmakers and technicians help to bridge staff shortages in the tooling construction and maintenance sectors all over the world.

After analysing the current situation IPMA makes plans for all works still pending, prepares work and scheduling plans, takes over the tooling, carries out the works and supports the customers’ staff during the initial phase.



  • Acceptance of unfinished tooling sets

Surface optimisation

  • Revision of external tooling for improving the audit grade (doors / panels/ side parts / roof)

Dimensional adjustments

  • Introduction of dimensional adjustments in batch tooling to achieve the stipulated parts grades directly on site

Performing approval of blanks

  • Analysis of the tooling and spotting (acceptability)
  • Checking the customer-specific pressing parameters
  • Carrying out approval and ascertainment of the optimum blanks
  • Preparation of dimensions and documentation

Blank optimisation

  • Analysis of the tooling, spotting and pressing parameters
  • Analysis of the parts parameters (surface, dimensional reports)
  • Execution of trial series
  • Preparation of catalogue of measures, savings potential and documentation

Performing tooling approvals

  • Analysis of the tooling and spotting (acceptability)
  • Checking the customer-specific parameters
  • Carrying out acceptance in accordance with customer instructions or with the specifications
  • Preparation of measures and documentation


  • Einbringen von kurzfristigen Änderungen in Serienwerkzeugen direkt vor Ort
  • Analyse des Umfanges (Fertigungsstandsaufnahme, Korrekturvolumen und Steps, Änderungsstatus, Teilestatus)
  • Planung der Arbeiten
  • Festlegung der zu ändernden Werkzeugoperationen
  • Einplanung im Zeitfenster
  • Abarbeitung des Volumens
  • Einarbeitung der Werkzeuge auf Serienpresse
  • Betreuung der Anlaufphase

Maintenance on site

Changes and maintenance for batch tooling will be undertaken on site in the short-term. IPMA maintains a prompt task force in order to carry out changes and maintenance works and repair damages without disrupting the production cycle.


Performing the maintenance

  • Regular checking of the manufacturing equipment using the test plans and servicing plans

Analysing and working out

  • Status recording and preparation of maintenance and test plans, spare parts planning
  • Adapting the servicing intervals to the production cycles

Spare parts planning

  • Procurement of spare parts which are changed on the basis of the servicing plan
  • Procurement of standard parts, mould punching die and matrices

Short-term repairs

  • Prompt task force which can repair damages on site (possibly even during the production cycle e.g. if the tooling breaks or when cutting and punching dies are being changed)

Medium-term repairs

  • Prompt task force which can repair damages on site
  • (between the production cycles)

Long-term repairs

  • Scheduling and lead-time planning, execution of changes
  • Repairs done internally or by external suppliers

Quality improvements

  • Tooling optimisations, surfaces


  • Introduction of changes on site

All information on the IPMA service area Tooling is available here as a PDF download: Tooling.pdf

  1. Volkswagen Utility vehicles

    Tooling maintenance and servicing works, heat exchangers and cooling tools

  2. Voestalpine Polynorm Gmbh & Co. KG

    Tooling maintenance for various tooling sets

  3. Volkswagen AG

    Construction and insertion of hinge mechanisms and hinge tooling

  4. MAN

    Drawing tools, aluminium tank systems

    Insertion of drawing tools

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