Tryout & Hemming

Worldwide and on site at any time

Our mobile team of specialists can compensate for your personnel shortfall on site. This allows you to perform optimization, amendments, maintenance works, and repairs smoothly without interrupting the production cycle.

IPMA carries out short-term changes in series tools and folding systems directly on site.

Amendment and Optimization

Accurate scheduling and coordination with the areas involved allows us to perform amendments on series tools and hemming dies on site and at short notice.


We analyze the scope of amendment using the test report, component, or assembly. We then determine the activity required for each tool operation on that basis.


Our services include incorporating tool corrections and revising outer skin dies to improve your audit grade (side panels, doors, tailgates).


We work in tools on tryout and series presses – planning precisely in your time frame, naturally.

IPMA takes care of tool corrections and the revision of shell tools to improve the audit grade

Panel Optimization and Approval

Our panel optimization work includes analyzing tools and production parameters. To do this, we conduct experiments for dimensional accuracy, surface quality, and process assurance. We draw up catalogs of activities and documentation, and determine potential savings.

IPMA tryout and folding staff to tool

Tool Approval

We get tools ready for approval by means of tool and spotting analysis. Once we’ve assessed customer-specific parameters, we conduct approvals according to specifications or customer regulations. We draw up activities and documentation for support in achieving goals.

Result: Satisfaction

Because anything else is too little. You and your clients have high standards, and we deliver high quality.

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