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The IPMA Group Team possesses far-reaching consulting expertise in areas such as quality and interim management, supplier qualification and production optimization. We can also advise you on specific countries such as Mexico.

IPMA experts in production planning

Lean Management

We develop strategies that help your business to progress. We can analyze your business model and market environment, establish effective structures in your workflow, identify and control optimization processes, evaluate potential growth, and implement it consistently.

Production and Plant Planning

We use innovative methods to help you achieve your production targets efficiently and just in time. Planning and optimizing of locations and manufacturing gives you a high degree of flexibility and a low level of susceptibility to failure.

Jean-Guy Passebois in conversation

Relocating Production

We help you to grow and accompany you on the road to new locations and production aims. And wherever we recognize potential, we l incorporate it profitably into the relocation process.

Supplier Qualification

We show you how to ensure that all of your suppliers are qualified. It’s the only way to ensure that your parts are always of a consistent quality and delivered when promised.


We undertake quality monitoring of your production systems. We diagnose and rectify any faults that occur during commissioning and ongoing operation, and when relocating production or sites.

IPMA technical translations

Technical Translation

We can produce communication that allows you to operate quickly and confidently with your products and services on a variety of markets and across borders. Our high-end technical translations allow you to get the most out of potential sales all over the world.


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