Component Manufacturing


Are you short on capacity for the production of high-grade metal and plastic components? In our manufacturing hall spanning more than 2,000 square meters, we can take over the manufacture, completion, optimization, maintenance, and amendments to your tools. Once we’ve finished with them, you’ll get your tools back so that you can use them for uninterrupted production.

The IPMA experts meet with the customers for a takeover meeting after the end of the production process.

Project Planning

After analyzing the scope of the project (production status, correction volume, steps, change and parts status), we plan the necessary work, define the tool operations that need amending, and define the timeline.

Tool Manufacture

We can take on the full manufacture of your tools, in line with your production process.

Tool Completion

Our specialists can take on incomplete tools or tool sets, which are then completed in our component manufacturing hall.

Dimensional Corrections

Our specialists can perform dimensional corrections on series tools to achieve the parts scores you need.


We work with precision: whether optimization, modification or new production.

Incorporation of tools in series press

Component Amendment

Our experts can also take on the processing of the entire volume, the working in of tools on the series press, and the monitoring of the entire ramp-up phase.


The planning and implementing of maintenance and service work is part of our service offer. They take place in collaboration with production according to the maintenance plan.

Tool Optimization

Our specialists can identify, plan, and perform optimization work on tools.

Large hall capacities for component production at IPM Automotive


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Component Manufacturing
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