A mediator can help you deal with conflict in a structured way, to find new solutions and augment your problem-solving skills.

Through mediation, IPMA helps to deal with conflicts in a structured way and increases the problem-solving skills of its clients.

Solving Conflict Together

Conflict is a burden and can harm personal well-being, the process of finding solutions, and the way in which we deal with one another. Mediation has proven successful as a structured method of dealing with conflict.

What Is Mediation?

Mediation is a structured, out-of-court process for dealing with conflict. A neutral third party, called a mediator, liaises between the parties in the conflict so that they can work together to find a solution. The mediator’s task is simply mediation; he or she does not identify a solution to the conflict, rather the parties in the conflict do, based on the principle of taking responsibility.

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