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Defining personal and technical strengths, engendering experiences of success, building expertise, localizing problems, drawing up solutions: Targeted coaching and training promotes team spirit, corporate identity, personal well-being and know-how.

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IPMA would be delighted to share its years of experience and knowledge with you. Individually or in groups: We find the right paths through your daily business, at the top echelons of management, or to the perfect applicant. Coaching and training young managers, advising on the integration of foreign workers, helping you to improve social competence in your workforce, even advising you on your HR management strategy.

Individual Coaching

The focus here is on individual members of your staff and their particular strengths and weaknesses. Starting with their personal needs, our coaching aims to increase personal motivation and performance. We create personal experiences of success and increase your company’s productivity.

Team Coaching

Every team quickly forms its own communication structures and frameworks. If staff are happy within that framework, the team will achieve more. We can help you improve your communication and team structures to that end.

Project Coaching

Working temporarily in project-based teams places staff under particular demands. There is little time to get to know each other, and demanding project targets can lead to misunderstandings and difficulties. Our team and project team workshops are augmented by mediation methods and awaken team spirit.

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Integrating and building the loyalty of foreign workers

Qualified staff from abroad help to compensate for local skills shortages and bring new knowledge and ideas to your firm. But they have to be well integrated if your team is to tap into their potential. With our help, combining different approaches to professional challenges can produce successful outcomes.

Utilizing Cultural Diversity

Behavior and communication among staff can differ widely in multicultural businesses. Harnessing these differences gives businesses economic benefits and provides the workforce with valuable experience. We can show you how to turn diversity into a strong team.

Sudden Management

A welcome step up the career ladder brings more pay, but also more responsibility. Management skills don’t appear of their own accord – they have to be learned. We can teach you what to expect and how to turn your personal characteristics and knowledge into leadership qualities. This helps you to successfully face new challenges and let the business build on your leadership qualities.

IPMA coaching further trainings

Further Training

We also offer a wide range of other training courses in the following fields:

Communication, self-promotion, conducting successful interviews, staff appraisals, dealing professionally and empathetically with staff under stress.


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