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Process. Made better. Being at the forefront of technical developments is not enough. “Good” is the past – “better” is the future. We are the future. We want to be the best.

What drives us?

Our Mission

Every product is different and every business is unique. That’s why we work on an equal footing with our customers. Reliable, flexible, and collaborative, we achieve excellent performance at a constantly high quality, and our terms and prices are the best.

Our vision

Controlling processes means enabling innovation. We take responsibility for tomorrow’s world. Collaboration and competence go hand in hand here. We’re setting new standards in process optimization and customer service.

Our route to the top

IPMA Wolfsburg
IPM Automotive location near Stuttgart
IPMA global network
IPMA Cesko location Mlada Boleslav
IPMA site USA Chattanooga paddle steamer on the river
IPMA location Changchung in China with skyline
IPMA Location Shanghai in China
PROFIS by IPMA location mexico Puebla
IPMA Barcelona
IPMA Wolfsburg
IPMA Logo Brand
IPMA site Bratislava in Slovakia
IPMA site Curitiba in Brazil
2002 TO 2006

Founding of company at headquarters in Wolfsburg (Germany); IPM Ingenieurgesellschaft für Projektmanagement mbH is renamed IPMA in April 2002

Founding of IPM Automotive GmbH; company headquarters moves from Heuchlingen (Germany) to Schwäbisch Gmünd in 2013

Extension of the business to Spain, Italy, the Czech Republic and China

Founding of IPMA Cesko s.r.o. in Prague (Czech Republic); company headquarters moves to Mladá Boleslav in spring 2011

Founding of IPMA of America Inc. in New York (USA); company headquarters moves to Chattanooga in April 2012

Opening of a IPMA GmbH branch in Changchun (China)

Founding of IPMA China Automotive Technical Support (Shanghai) Ltd. (IPMA China) in Shanghai (China)

Takeover of automotive specialists Proyectos, Ingeniería, Componentes y Servicios S.A. de C.V. in Puebla (Mexico)

Founding of IPMA Hispania S.L. in Barcelona (Spain)

Founding of IPMA Industrial Solutions GmbH

Relaunch of IPMA brand with a new corporate design and website

Opening of the branch office IPMA Cesko s.r.o., o.z. Slovakia in Bratislava.

Opening of the branch office IPM do Brasil Consultoria e Engenharia de Projetos Ltda. at Cristo Rei, Curitiba - Parana

Quality that builds futures

Certified Quality Management

We’re certified in compliance with ISO 9001:2015. Our quality management ensures that our performance always improves, our customers are satisfied, and we grow continuously.

Certified quality management system

Reliable Quality Management

We utilize a certified quality management system to monitor our processes, performance and results, and to improve on these through a CIP. Our solutions are both efficient and sustainable. This ensures your customers receive the top-class product they expect.

We create processes. Experts with years of experience, we can help you achieve your aims. Our structured working methods are the key to our success.

First choice globally


Our progressive solutions are in demand worldwide. That’s why IPMA is present at ten automotive and mobility locations on three continents.

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Process optimization requires the right attitude – and we're ready.

Do you have the highest standards of quality and efficiency? Then we speak the same language. Tell us what you need and we'll advice you.