Project management

IPMA services

The motivated specialists of the IPMA group, trained to the best standards, take on project management all over the world.

We plan, guide and control all the work processes within the production engineering process. IPMA project management – whether this is for OEM, 1st or 2nd
range supplier – is arranged modularly. For the customers this means having as much support as necessary precisely where manpower or knowledge is lacking.



  • Preparing the requirements specifications
  • Compiling the quotation request - documents
  • Supplier proposals and assessment


  • Bid evaluation and analysis
  • Proposal list
  • Risk assessment
  • Ascertainment of project costs

Support and coordination

  • Technical support and coordination of suppliers
  • Coordination between customers’ internal areas
  • Support and advice in the engineering phase, construction, manufacture and introduction or production
  • Change management incl. calculations

Scheduling and resource planning

  • Preparation of scheduling plans in MS Project or R-Plan
  • Preliminary planning of the necessary resources
  • Deadline checking by means of the resources implemented
  • Evaluation of the supplier details (plausibility checking)
  • Creation of a critical schedule as necessary

Follow - up with suppliers

  • Checking the current status and milestones
  • Manufacturing monitoring
  • Checking the quality status of the resources
  • Preliminary acceptance of the resources

Quality checking

  • Part acceptance
  • Dimensional sheets
  • Measurement report analyses
  • Function and installation checking
  • Preparing evidence of suitability for batch production

Change management

  • Feasibility investigations
  • Simulation evaluation
  • Change comparisons
  • Change assessment
  • Assessing change proposals
  • Component documentation


  • Presentation of the different overviews
  • E.g. Parts availability, schedule analyses, cost tracking,
  • quality report, dimensional accuracy and manufacturing status
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Measurement report analyses
  • Change assessment, change documentation
  • Status reports
  • Stage of maturity indicator
  • Project review

All information on the IPMA service area Project Management is available here as a PDF download: Project Management.pdf

  1. Volkswagen AG (Wolfsburg)

    Seit 2000 VW Passat B5 GP, VW Polo Stufenheck, VW Phaeton, Plattform VW Passat B6, Bentley Continental (Coupe), Plattform VW Touran, VW Golf A5, VW Golf Plus, VW Polo A5, VWGolf A6, VW Golf A6, VW Tiguan, VW Touran GP, VW Touran GP II

    Project management, supplier support and technical advice, change management, tooling integration

  2. Volkswagen de México S.A. de C.V.

    Project VW A6 Jetta

    Independent support for approx. 70 bought-in parts incl. producibility, method planning, project management, supplier support, tooling integration

  3. ThyssenKrupp Umformtechnik Brackwede

    Mercedes Benz Sprinter / VW Crafter

    Supplier support, project management and tooling integration through to batch start-up

  4. ŠKODA AUTO a.s.

    Skoda Fabia II / Fabia II Combi

    Project management and bodywork component planning, change management, supplier support

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