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With our experience in security management, we can help you and your company to improve your cybersecurity.


According to current media reports, the number of cyberattacks is constantly increasing, and the resulting damage is considerable. For this reason, a regular external audit of the IT system is an important component of cybersecurity and is even mandatory within the framework of TISAX (information security according to VDS-ISA).

With our experience in security management, we can support you and your company in improving your cybersecurity. Fully automated, we perform an external IT security check for you and check your digital footprint. Neither any password nor access to your internal network structure is needed for the security check. The risk assessment is performed in relation to the following categories:

  • Malicious assets
  • Secure configuration of IT systems
  • Hidden entry points into your organization (such as: phishing websites, fake accounts & malicious apps).

Based on the results, we advise you on solutions and measures to actively improve your IT security and ensure the best possible protection against cyber attacks.
Of course, we also support you in planning and implementing measures to increase your data security and in establishing management processes.

Advantages of the IT Security Check for you:


You have a clear overview of the security of your IT system and potential risks that threaten your organization.


Customized recommendations and measures to increase your IT security.


Frequent checks provide a constant overview of your security situation. 

You are automatically notified if the rating deteriorates.

Professional help

Wir erledigen Planung und die Durchführung der MaßnahmWe take care of the planning and implementation of measures to improve your safety.

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